What's the secret to raising HAPPY children?

(Hint: The answer is likely not what you think it is.)

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When is it time to take a different approach to parenting?

If you feel any of the following when you’re with your children or about being a parent in general:

If it frustrates you that your child:

  • won’t listen
  • won’t do what you say
  • is disrespectful
  • says NO
  • is aggressive towards others
  • is “shy”
  • is clingy
  • embarrasses me
  • isn’t potty trained yet
  • “I have tried everything but nothing works to get my child to…”
  • tears the house apart
  • is messy
  • is a cluts
  • constantly having temper tantrums over the littlest things
  • won’t talk to me
  • would rather be with friends than with me
  • will only calm down if I give him/her technology to play on
  • wont stop pushing until I give in to what they want

If you’ve tried any of these methods, but they’re not working for you:

  • positive parenting
  • attachment parenting – attachment parenting international
  • unconditional parenting – natural parents network
  • spiritual parenting
  • slow parenting
  • gentle parenting
  • respectful parenting – REI parenting – Janet Landsbury
  • free range parenting – free range kids
  • intuitive parenting – intuitive parenting.org
  • Danish parenting
  • authoritative parenting
  • playful parenting
  • simplicity parenting
  • peaceful parenting
  • consistent parenting

What you believe to be true, impacts how you parent. 

I believe true happiness is felt when we are connected to our unique self and are pursuing something interesting.

I believe every individual is born biologically wired to be unique.  Our responsibility as parents, educators, and members of society is to provide environments, experiences and opportunities where a child can discover: who they are, what interests them, and how they learn.

I believe…..(More about Page’s beliefs)

As a parent, have you taken time to assess your strongly held beliefs about how a child should be raised?